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Child Custody

Before parents can address the issues of custody and visitation of their children, there must be a formally filed underlying action in the Pennsylvania family law court. This means a complaint for divorce or custody can be filed by your family law attorney.

If the parents are married, either the mother or the father’s family law attorney can file an action requesting dissolution of the marriage or file the complaint for custody and a complaint for support. We understand how difficult this time is for you and your children. The Blackwell Law Firm is here to ease you through this process in an understanding and swift manner.

Child Support- Support Calculators:

The child support payment amount is only an estimate. A final determination of the child support amount will be established by the Court of Common Pleas or by agreement of the Parties.
The following items may be used by the Court to calculate the actual child support payment amount, but are not included in this estimator:
• Parties monthly net combined income that is more than $30,000
• Noncustodial Parent’s monthly net income if it is less than $867
• Deviations included in the child support guidelines
• Child support calculations for six or more children
• Multiple family situations
PA Child Support Calculator

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